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What industries are you currently invested in?

We are currently working the areas on trucking, real estate and food manufacturing.

Where can we apply our investments in partnering?

We are open to partnership in our real estate and trucking division which each containing separate spreads and benefits.

What type of invest can I expect from a real estate partnership?

Investors should expect to earn…10% fixed return on notes 12-24+ months, 10% perpetual equity opportunity, monthly cash flow, tax-free loan / refinance proceeds, future sale proceeds, report equity and earnings to own balance sheet. Typically $100k investment would be minimum, but can consider groups 2-4 with one representative. Our minimum is in place to avoid excessive paperwork.

What should I expect as a joint venture partner from a real estate partnership?

Joint Venture Partners are local and bring deals to the table, serve as a local operator and project manager. Equity in the specific property is earned which creates cash flow and appreciation on future sale.