MadCo Transportation

I remember it clear as day the first time I drove a semi down the back country road. Beforehand, I had spent some time moving trucks around the shop or in the field during harvest, but never down the road.

One sunny afternoon in Ohio, dad told me to jump up into the semi and told me, “It’s time to learn how to drive today Kutz.” Before we left, we went over a few things as any good teacher would do prior. The first time was rough, bumpy and not ideal, but he still had faith in me. After driving down the road a few miles, he told me to drop him off back at the shop and not to come back until I had it under control 100% in prep for fall harvest.

That day I learned a new skill and little did I know how that would play into my future at that moment in time. All that I knew was…

  • I now can drive a big rig semi
  • I must always drive for myself offensively
  • I must always drive for others defensively
  • I must never miss a gear, especially loaded on an upclimb.

Fast forward a few years and trucking enabled me to pay for my last year in college, save up money post graduation and then work on a startup for two years. When things didn’t go as planned three years later due to miscalculations, poor judgement and lack of the right focus, I found myself back trucking to pay the bills and build a stronger foundation.

” When we lose everything, rock bottom is the perfect place to start fresh.”

– Chris Kutz –

None of this was predicted, but the business shift turned to be the best right turn ever. After jumping back into a truck, I found myself in control of my finances again, traveling the country and falling in love with a young lady I met out on the road. Had it not been for my setback, career change and willingness to take a few leaps of faith, I would not be here today.

Now that I have taken care of myself and am building the foundation for my family, it’s time to do the same for 100s of others ready to build a strong career. With MadCo Transportation, we will focus on delivering the best service to our clients, with the best equipment and make sure that everyone on the team loves their position while repping the brand with pride!