Kutz Financial Group

Kutz Financial Group has some revolutionary financial programs offered for both personal individuals and businesses. Growing up, our founder Chris Kutz was very black and white about his finances. However, along the journey of launching his business post college, he became sloppy with the massive workload. He found himself creating bad habits and not tending to his finances as he should which led to him later falling behind.

When things became so bad that they could not be ignored anymore, that is when the “Finance Hat” went back on and his roots were tabbed back into. At natural, he is a numbers guy, loves to strategize and find the best options out there. Months of financial healing took place and a great deal of research lead him to finding many answers to help business owners and personal individuals.

No one should struggle with their finances and if they do, it comes down to applying the wrong information to their situation. Here at KFG, we are dedicated to educating you on the various techniques, lessons and skills needed to transition from a 98% mindset to a TOP 2% mindset and truly master your finances once and for all.

We offer 4 main packages. Our Core program is for you to get business credit and financing for your business.

Our PERSONAL CREDIT Course is design in 3 easy to follow modules. First focuses on repairing and/or establishing personal credit. The second discusses strategies to building personal credit from a base foundation to a level that is fully usable. Last, the third section discusses various techniques and strategies that enable one to fully maximize the benefits of GREAT, STRONG Personal Credit in order to enjoy the luxuries in life i.e. big houses, exotic cars, travel hacks, cashback and much more!

Our PERSONAL FINANCE Course is designed in 3 easy to follow modules as well. First we focus on building the correct mindset and obtaining the correct education revolved around personal finance. Second we discuss daily, weekly and monthly routines in order to manage a personal budget successfully. Last, we discuss the benefits to managing personal finances healthy, teach you the core secrets the wealthy know that you do now and bring everything together for maximum success.

Our BUSINESS CREDIT Course is a 7 easy to follow series of modules geared toward building your business credit without any attachment to your social security number. First, we establish a strong foundation for your business entity. Next, we establish business credit reports with the top bureaus. Third, we get initial business credit from vendors and store accounts. Last, we aim to maximize your business credit and gain access to high revolving credit that is not attached to your SSN.

Our BUSINESS LOANS is the last area we can offer you assistance with your financial success. We have a full staff of financial experts that are ready to serve you today and get your business the financing that is needed. There are a wide range of opportunities and everyone, include you, are treated by a case by case scenario. We can offer financing based on business cash flow, business assets, business credit and/or your personal credit if you so choose. The options are limitless and we are here to serve you and your business.