Kutz Acquisitions

About Kutz Acquisitions

Chris Kutz, President and CEO of Kutz Acquisition’s has begun investing in real estate early in his career despite his younger age.

Growing up on a family farm in central Ohio played a significant role to getting started early in real estate. Industry growth is strongly influenced on the acquisitions of more farmland or rental property and he clearly observed how some operations were able to grow, while others remained stagnant.

“Success will always leave clues if you are willing to read in between the lines and humble yourself to ask questions,” – Kutz boldly states.

Kutz shares a deep love for the agriculture industry and believes it to be the strong backbone to our great country. He shares, “We will invest part of our holdings in agriculture land as we believe it to be a strong investment long term, while giving us the opportunity to work with the best farming operations.”

Kutz has demonstrated his business character over the last ten years as an entrepreneur and much of the lessons learned working on the farm has shaped his way of doing business. Some of those principles include strong work ethic, the emphasis on family first, and the fact that business is built on relationships.

Although the agriculture industry is one of our interests, a majority of our holdings will be in multi-family real estate. There are numerous value-add opportunities with both holdings that provide the management team the possibility to increase income and monthly cash-on-cash returns while improving the long-term value of property. All property selection goes through a systematic four stage due diligence process led by Mr. Kutz, a team of internal staff and underwriters Mr. Kutz has entrusted to work alongside.

– A constant flow of deals is sent our acquisitions manager for finale review.

– The top properties are then selected by Mr. Kutz from a subjective and objective evaluation.

– Property is then underwritten by Mr. Kutz and our internal team to very conservative evaluations based on worst case scenarios.

– The deal is then sent to an external team of underwriters that Mr. Kutz has entrusted to serve as a finale check and balance.

The deal is then either pursued or discarded. At which point a deal is selected. Mr. Kutz and the team schedules a visit, inspects the property in person, then moves very fast to close the transaction.

Kutz Acquisitions current goals are to invest in 1,000 apartments, 1,000 acres of farmland and fix/flip 50 single family homes over the course of year. Submit your information now on the, “Investor Form,” so you can join us!