Blitz Barz

Blitz Barz was born in the kitchen of a dairy farm in Central Ohio when Becki Kutz first learned to cook and bake better than most ever aspire to. Chris Kutz, the founder of Blitz Barz, was fortunate enough to have Becki for his mother. Growing up, everything they ate was homemade, and from scratch, of course.  Chris never realized how lucky he was to have this kind of food readily available at home.

Chris has always had a strong entrepreneurial spirit. In middle school, he began to notice the lunches his classmates were eating. And so, he began selling his homemade lunches to his classmates in lieu of purchasing the school lunch as a way to make some extra cash. This only lasted a short time as Chris enjoyed his mother’s cooking far too much to continue this business plan at school.

As high school and college flew by, Chris found himself missing his mother’s cooking more and more. As a senior in college, he left Ohio for an internship in Florida and learned just how fortunate he was to have the convenience of running home whenever he needed to.

Although there were many, one of his favorite foods to eat growing up had been a homemade snack bar, as they fit perfectly into his busy lifestyle. Whether that be participating in numerous sports, to doing manual labor on the farm, these bars always provided the proper nutrition that was needed to keep him working hard! While strolling through the supermarket he never seemed to be fully satisfied with the quality of products offered, especially the name-brand nutritional bars. He realized everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy tasteful snack bars on a regular basis without hurting their wallet, just as he had growing up.

And now, Blitz Barz is eagerly working to bring the best snack bars to the marketplace, providing the same quality Chris enjoyed growing up. Our aim is to bring products crafted from wholesome, natural ingredients. Blitz Barz wants to motivate consumers to follow their passion, dream big and set goals for themselves just as Chris did.

Since we believe in all facets of the agricultural industry, the snack bars will be delivered on two different platforms. The first being snack bars utilizing organic and non-GMO ingredients and the other snack bars sourced from commercially produced ingredients. We also believe everyone should know more about modern food production and Blitz Bars wants to provide that to you. Our team believes everyone should have a choice and hold this value true as we provide the opportunity to choose. Overall, we stand firm behind our brand and list of products. Though we may be small now, we are constantly crafting new creations for everyone to enjoy!