We encourage our team to ask questions. It’s how we learn, grow and prepare ourselves to succeed. To help you learn more about Kutz Enterprises, Inc. and what to expect when applying for employment, we’ve provided the answers to some of the common questions we’ve received from individuals interested in pursuing a career with us.

How many team members does KE current employ?

KE and sister companies current employees 5 individuals, but we have our heart set on creating 20,000 leaders and purpose driving careers of the next few years.

How can I be certain that a position I find online hasn’t be filled?

Our online jobs database is updated regularly to ensure we are providing current information for prospective team members. Job postings will be removed when they have been fulfilled.

Does KE promote from within and/or offer advancement opportunities internally?

Absolutely! We encourage personal growth and career advance as that pertains to our fifth core value, “Strengthen the Body.” If you are not looking to grow within your role in order to better yourself, then a position with our company is probably not the best fit.

What if I do not find an open position that interests me or my skills?

If you present an opportunity to better our business by offering your services and/or skills for free, execute on what you tell us and then provide valuable results that are beneficial to the business, yourself and our customers, then we can talk about employment. That is the best way to create yourself a career that might not be posted yet.

Does KE offer relocation assistance for new hires?

No. Due to our length in business, current financial resources and growth, we are not in a position to cover relocation fees. If you desire to work for our company, together we will develop a solution to work together.

What should I expect from the interview process?

Potential team members should expect three rounds for employment. First you will locate the desired job and/or present a position that you will qualified for with the company and KE brands. Second, you we will communicate via email and follow that up with a phone call. If you surpass the phone interview, then a hire manager will schedule an in person interview. Depending on the position, you may be required to meet with an executive as a fourth interview, but that would be explained throughout the interview process.

What should I expect from the on-boarding process?

The training process will differ from role to role within the company. If the position is reoccurring, then you will go through a series of training material and work with another team member to master your position until approved to work solo. In the scenario you are filling a new role, you will work with a hiring manager to set expectations, accountability checks and create training material for the new role in the event that we need to fulfil that role multiple times.